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Ariel Briskin (GM at IsCham)

Ariel Briskin

GM at IsCham

Ariel Briskin graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Department of East Asian Studies and Political Science. Prior to his studies, he completed his service in the Israeli Army as a Pilot Training Commander. Ariel has been living in China for the past 7years, during which he studied in Sichuan University, as well as managed an Israeli Company based in Guangdong for over 3 years. These days, Ariel Briskin serves in Beijing as the General Manager of the Israel Chamber of Commerce in China (IsCham), and strives to utilize IsCham as a leading platform to boost cooperation between China and Israel. Ariel speaks fluent Chinese, English, Hebrew and Russian.

金瑞安毕业于耶路撒冷希伯来大学,东亚研究专业。在他取得学士学位前,曾作为飞行员训练指挥官在以色列国防军服役。金瑞安已在中国生活7年。在此期间,他在四川大学完成了汉语学习项目,并在广东一家以色列公司担任了3 年的职业经理人。如今,金瑞安在任中国以色列商会总经理,并努力运用商会作为主导平台推动中以商业合作。金瑞安能说流利的汉语,英语,俄语和希伯来语。

Tony Jin (Executive Chairman at Shanghai IoT Chamber of Commerce)

Tony Jin

Executive Chairman at Shanghai IoT Chamber of Commerce

Jin Xiaowei (Tony) graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He has worked for famous enterprises such as Deloitte and CCB international. Now he is managing director of SoftYoung, who is the Executive Chairman of Shanghai IoT Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of AI branch of Shanghai Information Technology Chamber of Commerce, Vice-chairman of Informatization Youth Talent Association and member of IsCham. He was awarded the Innovation Prize of Shanghai Enterprise Management Modernization, selected into the "Leading Talents" program of MIIT, “Horizon Leading Talents” program of Tsinghua University, and also member of preparatory committee of China Technology Transfer Innovation Alliance.


Anton Olshvang (Global Community & Operations Manager at Lilith Games)

Anton Olshvang

Global Community & Operations Manager at Lilith Games

Anton has been living, studying and working in the China market for more than 6 years. While doing his MBA at Nanjing University he moved to Shanghai and joined an Israeli start-up in its initial steps into the China market as their Shanghai Project Manager. That experience taught him a lot about the challenges Israeli companies face when entering China. After graduating he started working in the Chinese mobile gaming industry and has been working it in ever since. He now works for Lilith Games, one of the top gaming companies in China and top 15 global app publishers doing community management and user acquisition.


Amber Yu (Partner at Haier Incubator)

Amber Yu

Partner at Haier Incubator

She successively served at a well-known foreign HR consulting company and Haier Strauss before she joined HCH in 2017. She is in charge of the overseas accelerator business sector.