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We continue to support China!

IsCham continues its work to support China and Hubei province with raising donations, locating suppliers and assisting as much as it can to support China during this difficult times.


Moreover,IsCham encourages Israeli medical companies with innovative solutions or equipment which can help with the efforts to deal with the the virus to contact IsCham.


For donations please contact IsCham team如有捐助意向,请联系商会团队:

Beijing Office中国办公室:

via Meshi Office办公室:

Please note IsCham work is restricted to receiving donations and purchase and will work transparently with the money. In case IsCham haven't managed to use the donation the money will be returned to the donors ( excluding handling fees)


Please be aware to the following conditions请注意以下情况:

1. IsCham raises donations and uses them to purchase medical supplies from different suppliers transparently and without any profit. IsCham is not responsible for any commercial activity.


2. IsCham cannot guarantee the quality and reliability of the suppliers and the goods at this stage.


3.IsCham cannot be held responsible logistics, customs regulations in China or any other problem that might occur during this process due to the uncertainty at the current time.


4.IsCham will do it's best to ensure that donations arrive to the designated areas and to the people in need( Medical staff in China, patients etc.)